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Our player account is streamlined to allow you to upload video, share video, cut clips, and get scouted. Player accounts tie in seamlessly with their team accounts to get further feedback from their coaches. Accounts can clip categories from videos and fine tune them to allow for the best video analysis experience. With you account, you also get a FREE public profile on our players page. Upgrade your account to have the ability to add selected clips to your public profile.

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Our video editor is streamlined to allow you to upload video, share video, and cut clips with teams in mind. All player accounts ladder up to the team account to give a birds-eye view of all players on the team. Along with our standard editing capabilities, team accounts are also able to invite individual players to their account, to give them their own editing experience.

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Our association account offers our state-of-the-art video editor, as well as team accounts for each age group within your organization. This account offers video editing capabilities, team accounts, and player accounts all in one easy-to-use system.

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