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Our free Gamespark tool allows you to upload your games in order to get scouted, without having an account. All videos uploaded will display in our scouting platform and be available for players to cut clips to.

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Our video editor is streamlined to allow you to upload video, share video, cut clips, and get scouted seamlessly. Accounts can clip categories from videos and fine tune them to allow for the best video analysis experience. Scouting accounts are able to request to see more videos from accounts, notifying the player/team that a scout is interested in them.

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Belle Tire
Birmingham Rangers
Little Caesars
Macomb Mavericks
Oakland University
Team Illinois


Our scouting account provides access to the top AAA teams across the country! Scouts are able to view both team and player profiles. Team profiles show full team rosters, as well as any videos uploaded under that team. Player profiles show player bios, videos, and any clips they want scouted. Scouts are able to request more video from teams and players, which will notify the account that they have been looked at.

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Sign up for a videographer account to make some extra money recording games for Stream Cortex! Our teams and players can place orders to have video filmed, which you can select to film for them.

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Sign up for a trainer account to make some extra money running camps for Stream Cortex! As our players sign up for camps and training sessions, you can select to work them.

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