StreamCortex - All-In-One Video Platform


Uploading your video has never been simpler. From the StreamCortex editor, you are able to seamlessly upload videos without having to leave the page.

Features include:

  • Any video format accepted
  • Merging of multiple files
  • Server-side video compression for better playback quality


Using our clip creator, you can easily create clips of your best performances. Clips can be edited, deleted or organized, all in the StreamCortex editor.

Features include:

  • Hotkey one-click clipping
  • Select favorites for quick reference
  • Beginning, ending and buffer times to create your clip with precision


Share you clips to anyone you want from the StreamCortex editor. They will only be able to view the clips that you share with them and only you can edit them.

Features include:

  • Add an infinite amount of email addresses
  • Pick and choose what clips are sent
  • Scout email package available for purchase (optional)

Why StreamCortex?

StreamCortex is a private and secure web-based video platform. Our unique multi-purpose system provides you the ability to upload, clip and share videos, all from one purpose-built editor. StreamCortex is simple and intuitive, with a streamlined workflow that makes the process timely and efficient. No loading extra pages, no hard to understand buttons or navigation, just a simple all-in-one editor, built specifically with your needs in mind.

Features include:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Simplified imports of raw camera footage
  • Merging of videos
  • Server-side video compress
  • Create, comment and share video clips
  • Manage clip categories
  • Hotkeys and tagging
  • Precision video clipping
  • Fast-Forward/Rewind
  • High quality playback

And much more!

Our Editor

See below for some screenshots from our all-in one video editor. Click an image to view it larger.



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