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Ryan Larkin

Future Pro Goalie School

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I am currently a goalie coach residing in Metro Detroit coaching young goalies. I grew up playing for Honeybaked from Peewee through Midget Major. Then, I went on to play for Cedar Rapids in the USHL for one year before moving off to Miami (OH) for my college career. At Miami, I had a successful run, being a 4-year starter from 2016-2020. I was able to set a record for most career saves in school history, while being in the top 5 for many other categories.

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I will go through game footage and make small annotations about things that can be improved or things that have been done well. In college, I would go over every single game and every shot with a goalie coach. I will be doing that same process for the goalies, reviewing every shot that comes on net to help goalies see their performance.

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