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Jaymes Kastely

Little Caesars Tier 1 Girls and Catholic Central High School

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Coach Bio

Currently an assistant coach for the u16 and u19 Little Caesars Girls tier 1 teams. Was an assistant coach with the u14 Little Caesars Tier 1 team for 2 years prior. I also am an assistant on the Catholic Central Junior Varsity White team. I have been coaching now for 8 years. I have experience developing players and mentoring them so they can grow and move on to play at higher levels.

Services Offered


Breaking down your offensive and defensive zone play is very important as a forward. In order to have you become a 200 foot player. Enhancing your defensive and offensive awareness. To allow you to be more creative and identify the right places and things to do.

Hire Coach | $50/game

Game Breakdown

I will take your games and break them down and give you feedback on your in game decisions and play to help you grow and develop into a smarter and complete hockey player.

Hire Coach | $40/game

Highlight Reel

I will take your games and highlights and put them together and make a strong reel for recruiting purposes.

Hire Coach | $40/game


I will provide positive, guiding information and personal experiences to help you along your hockey journey. This will help give you an idea of the path to which you can become the best hockey player and achieve the levels and goals you want to get to.

Hire Coach | $35/game

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